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Head of Global Business Development and M&A at Nestlé Health Science

Martin Hendrix, Ph.D. is joining our board of directors this year for the first time. Dr. Hendrix has extensive management and governance experience in the biotechnology industry. He joined Nestlé Health Science in April 2012, and currently serves as its Head of Global Business Development and M&A. In this position, Dr. Hendrix oversees all deal flow of Nestlé Health Science and is also responsible for its venture capital partnerships and direct equity investments. Dr. Hendrix has represented Nestlé on the boards of Enterome, Microbiome Diagnostic Partners, Procise Dx, Bodymed AG, as well as board observer roles for Evelo, Kaleido and Senda.

Prior to joining Nestlé, from January 1998 to March 2012, Dr. Hendrix was a research chemist and subsequently a member of the Strategic Planning Group, as well as a Senior Director of Business Strategy at Bayer AG. Dr. Hendrix currently serves on the board of directors of Procise Dx, Bodymed AG, Prometheus Biosciences Inc., and Senda (observer). Dr. Hendrix holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from The Scripps Research Institute, an M.S. in Chemistry from the Georgia Institute of Technology.