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Keystone Symposia | January 22-24, 2019

Authors: Svetlana Marukian, Michael Hamill, Luke Hamm, Nadine Daou, Simon Aoyama, Scott Friedman, Tony Tramontin, and Manu Chakravarthy

INTRODUCTION: Dysregulation of metabolic, inflammation and fibrotic pathways are linked to NAFLD progression. Effective therapies may require coordinated combinatorial approach to address multifactorial pathology. One potential modality is via endogenous molecules, such as amino acids (AAs), which when optimally combined can elicit meaningful effects. AXA1125, comprised of 6 AAs (LIVRQNac), designed to target liver function, was tested in human primary cell systems to gain insights into previously reported findings in T2DM subjects with NAFLD.