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Our Purpose

We are a clinical-stage biotechnology company pioneering a new approach to treat complex diseases using endogenous metabolic modulator (EMM) compositions. EMMs fundamentally impact and regulate metabolism, controlling many of the biological functions. At Axcella, we are seeking to unlock the full potential of EMMs by combining a deep understanding of biological pathways with recent advances in systems biology and machine learning. The end result: Multi-targeted EMM compositions with the potential to address the unmet medical needs of patients with a range of complex conditions.


Dan Kirby

Dan Kirby

Senior Vice President, Strategic Operations

Board of Directors

Rob Rosiello

Rob Rosiello

Board Chairman
Executive Partner, Flagship Pioneering


Gary Pisano, Ph.D.

Harry E. Figgie Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

Paul Sekhri

Paul Sekhri

Board Member and Advisor to the Life Science Industry

Our Values



To be an Axcellan is to be an owner, acting for the benefit of the entire company. We are all rolling up our sleeves and working in unison to get the job done.



We act with urgency to advance our product candidates. This requires relentless focus, prioritization and the willingness to make smart trade-off decisions by considering quality, speed and risk.



We foster an inclusive culture, actively seeking diverse perspectives. We believe that the diverse expertise and experiences of Axcellans enriches our way of thinking and is essential to achieving our goals.



We see change, ambiguity and complexity as a rich opportunity for learning. We encourage our employees to openly share their learnings throughout the organization, so we can actively incorporate these insights into our work.

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We are establishing a broad, global intellectual property portfolio



We are publishing innovative research and presenting at leading conferences.


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Scientific Advisors

Jeffrey Flier, M.D.

Distinguished Service Professor & Higginson Professor of Physiology and Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Christopher Newgard, Ph.D.

Director, Sarah W. Stedman Nutrition and Metabolism Center Director, Duke Molecular Physiology Institute

Nancy Thornberry

Chief Executive Officer, Kallyope

Jerry Vockley, M.D., Ph.D.

Cleveland Family Professor of Pediatric Research Professor of Human Genetics University of Pittsburgh

Michael Rosenblatt, M.D.

Senior Partner, Flagship Pioneering